pack|age1 W2S2 [ˈpækıdʒ] n
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: pack]
1.) something wrapped in paper, packed in a box and then sent by mail or delivered
British Equivalent: parcel
There's a package here for a Miami Lakes address.
2.) AmE the paper or plastic container that food or other goods are sold in
British Equivalent: packetpackage of
a package of meat
3.) a set of ideas or services that are suggested or offered all together as a group
package of measures/proposals/incentives etc
The government has announced a package of measures to assist affected areas.
aid/financial/benefits etc package
Many banks are offering financial packages for students.
4.) a set of related programs sold together for use on a computer
software/word-processing/graphics etc package
WORD CHOICE: package, packet, packaging, packing, pack
!! Do not confuse these similar words.
A package is a parcel, usually sent by post : A package containing a bomb was delivered to her home.
In American English, a package is also a paper or plastic container that food etc is sold in : a package of cookies
In British English, a packet is a box, bag, or some other container that things are sold in : a packet of biscuits | a packet of crisps. A packet can also sometimes be called a pack : a pack of cigarettes. This meaning of pack is also used in American English.
In American English, a packet is a small flat paper or plastic container for something such as tomato ketchup or sugar. The British word for this is sachet .
Packaging is material that is put round things that are sold, to protect them or to encourage people to buy them : It's the same old stuff in better packaging.
Packing is material that is put around things to protect them, especially from getting damaged in the post : Carefully remove the computer from its foam packing.
package 2
package2 v [T usually passive]
1.) also package up
to put food or other goods into a bag, box etc ready to be sold or sent
The code informs us where and when a product was packaged.
The videos were packaged up, ready for distribution.
2.) to prepare something for sale, especially by making it attractive or interesting to a particular group of people
books that are packaged for mass readership

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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